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  10. December 31, 2023 On the occasion of the celebration of the New Year, I would like to thank everyone who sent me best wishes and fulfillment to all of you, brothers and sisters all over the world. Despite the many challenges we face today, I am optimistic and believe that with a growing understanding of the interconnectedness we have as part of a single humanity, we can all work to lead a more meaningful life and create a better world. As human beings, we share the common desire to be happy and free from pain. We are social animals who depend on others for survival. So as I always say we should work for the benefit of others. If we cannot help them, we should at least make sure we do not cause any harm. I’ve found that helping others is the best way to ensure happiness and tranquility for ourselves. I also strongly believe that we can only find peace in the world when we find inner peace. Every human being has the potential to cultivate inner peace and by doing so contribute to the peace of our global community. We should seek to cultivate compassion and inner peace regardless of our nationality or religion, and thus we can contribute to the well-being and happiness of all humanity. If the last century was the century of violence, it is our responsibility to make this century the century of dialogue. Again, I want to warmly welcome you. Wishing everyone an auspicious start to the new year 2024 With prayers and good wishes, Dalai Lama DALAILAMA.COM His Holiness’ Message for the New Year - 2024 | The 14th Dalai Lama
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